Ringer Park Neighborhood MasterPlan

Short Term – Within One Year

More benches throughout the park. In March 2008 The Parents and Community Build Group and The Ringer Park Partnership Group secured a $25,000 donation to be administered by the Boston Parks and Recreation Department as part of a community benefits package from real estate developer Merrill Diamond.  The donation is designated for the purchase and installation of benches in Ringer Park.

Remove dead trees. The Parents and Community Build Group was instrumental in having the 5 dead sycamore trees on the Jackson/Mann Community Center Plaza cut down, the stumps removed, and replacement trees secured.  The stumps will be removed and replaced by 5 red maple trees as part of the Spring 2009 Ringer Park Clean Up.  The maple trees were generously donated by Grow Boston Greener.

Rodent control. In 2003 a rodent control partnership was initiated by PCBG/RPPG with the Boston Inspectional Services to control the rodent infestation in Ringer Park and the surrounding neighborhoods. Through PCBG/RPPG sponsored neighborhood tours with city officials and rodent sighting reports, the rodent problem was eradicated in 2006.  Our partnership has continued to date--sightings in other areas of Allston are reported on a regular basis by PCBG/RPPG and responded to promptly by the Inspectional Services Department.

Repair and maintain existing lights--example: prune trees. Formalize a tree maintenance plan. Develop a plan for American with Disabilities Act compliant sidewalks. Stabilize slopes--example: plant grass. Obtain green funding and grants for decorative park signs at all park entrances. 2-sided kiosks for park history, maps, and community information such as flyers, etc. Permanent trash barrels with removable trash bags. More trash barrels spaced throughout the park. Install bike racks and picnic tables. Define a maintenance plan and schedule. Relocate the drain behind the Jackson/Mann School to prevent flooding Measurement/fitness markers for exercise walkers--example: between the softball field and the Tot Lot playground is 1,000 feet.  

Mid Term – Within Three Years

Bench area or “Circle of Friends©” memorial at the Imrie Road circle-- (the copyrighted design “Circle of Friends©” is available from The Parents and Community Build Group). Reinstall lights on the trail and walkways. Facilitate with the Parks Department to install a boundary fence between Allston and Gordon Streets. Trim trail borders to prevent over-growth and poison ivy contact. Redesign trail area. Remove broken glass or place new soil over glassy areas on hill tops and trails. Artistic enhancements with permanent arts installations and “Arts in the Park” events. Re-sod or re-seed the softball field. Repair basketball and tennis courts. Install permanent steps leading from the trail area to the park hills. Collaborate with neighbors in re: park events such as fairs, cookouts, block parties, musical events and movies.  

Long Term

Repair or replace the stone wall on the Allston Street side of the park. Encourage community and neighborhood input through more direct Parks Department/Community meetings. Facilitate collaboration between the Boston Parks Department/neighborhood on planned events, park planning, and maintenance. Engage more neighborhood input in re: fundraising and grant application for needed or desired Boston Parks approved items.   

The Parents and Community Build Group, Inc.- PCGB,Inc
Contact Information:

Joan Pasquale, Executive Director
The Parents & Community Build Group, Inc.
The Ringer Park Partnership Group